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The King. The symbol of enduring honor, courage, strength and leadership. The symbol of the prestigious Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity.

“The King”. A revered leader who seeks wisdom, guidance and understanding of all things worldly. His crown is adorned with jewels which symbolize the prosperity and reign over other fraternities. Through his stoic expression he gazes over those that have chosen to become members of the prestigious Fraternity known as Kappa Psi Theta. To those few, he extends our Fraternity’s legacy

As a Studsmen of Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity, members are taught to respect their fellow Studsmen and to lead within their own communities. Similar to The King, Studsmen must take care of those they consider their fraternal family, but also remember that with power brings responsibility and the duty to serve others. Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity encourages each member to give of their time through volunteering and grow through self-reflection as they embark on their own personal journey. The King runs through all of our veins.


The baseball bat symbolizes the strength of the Fraternity and the defense of Kappa Psi Theta's name. Each member customizes their own bat ahead of their probate crossing and uses some variation of the fraternities colors red and black.



Held by two rampart lions. The shield showcases the fraternity’s colors of red and black. Each quadrant contains symbols representing the founding principles of Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity. 


A symbol of strength and triumph over adversity of all obstacles. 


A symbol of credibility, sincerity and integrity in all things laid before thee.


A symbol of knowledge, guardianship and the power to rule over all worldly things. 


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​The iris flower is a symbol of royalty, faith, wisdom, hope and valor. The red iris is a unique and rare color that occurs most often in nature. An iris that is dominantly red can also have hints of purple and yellow. 


Named after the Greek goddess, the Iris flower has become a symbolic image. Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger for Zeus and Hera. She carried messages from heaven to earth on the arc of the rainbow, and was a companion to female souls on to heaven.


Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity identifies with the red iris due to its feminine origin and representation for royalty.  

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