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What are the requirements of the Fraternity?
  • Must be at least 25 years of age;

  • Must have a GED or High School Diploma;

  • Must complete community service hours while pledging;

  • Must identify as an AG, Butch, Stud, or a dominant masculine lesbian female;

  • Must provide (three) references (2 Personal and 1 professional);

  • Must adhere to all policies and rules of the organization for pledging;

  • Must pass multi-level interview involving interaction with fraternity staff and present members;

  • Must have submitted completed application to the President/Director of Membership;

  • Must show ability and attitude for growth and development to one day hold the title as a Studsman.

For an informative infographic on the steps to membership, please click here.
The founder of Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity identifies as a femme lesbian, what prompted her to develop a fraternity for dominant masculine lesbian women?

Although our founder identifies as a femme lesbian, she feels that lesbian women, no matter their chosen label, need a forum to gather and express themselves. She believes that what you wear doesn’t necessarily define you, but rather, a person’s character and values should serve as their driving force. The founder also has many close friends who identify as dominant masculine lesbian women and wanted to create an organization inspired by these same women. In the near future, she hopes to create or partner with a sister sorority for lesbians who identify as femmes.

What are the founding principles behind the Fraternity?

Through its formation, Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity is uniting dominant masculine lesbian women under one fraternal home. Members of Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity maintain pride for their individuality and exhibit ambition in both their personal and private lives as well as seek wisdom from others. Members always display valor when facing the challenges of everyday life. We urge each woman to become a leader in their community, as well as a role model for a younger generation. Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity also encourages volunteering in the community and mentoring of youth.

What does Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity hope to achieve through its presence?

Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity strives to display positive images of the LGBT community. We promote leadership skills and personal growth of our members because it is imperative for the growth of our organization and the community . We urge members to take advantage of seminars offered by the Fraternity and apply new knowledge to their own lives.

Why was the crowned lion chosen as the mascot for Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity?

The King is a symbol of the strength, masculinity and pride. Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity promotes strength of character and fortitude in every facade of of members’ lives. We encourage all members to live with pride as individuals of a greater family. The King serves as a leader and role model to the women of our organization. He is the ultimate alpha. 

Are there other chapters located around the United States and/or International?

The Alpha Chapter, in Atlanta, GA, is the only chapter presently recruiting new members. Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity plans to expand in the near future as membership interest grows.

What steps do I take to join the Fraternity?

Perspective members must first submit an application that will be reviewed by executive leadership. A determination will be made as to the applicants potential to become a member. Those selected will undergo an immersive multi-tier interviewing process with members of the fraternity and executive leadership. Applicants will be subjected to a number of scenarios and task that will test their morals, intellect and character. Those who pass the vetting process will undergo a final undisclosed review before proceeding through the pledging process. If all qualifications are met, these individuals will become an elite member of Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity.

Are there other similar organizations?

Yes, there are other Greek organizations that cater to lesbians.

What makes Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity stand apart from other Fraternities?

At Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity,  we are invested  in the growth of all of our members. Through engaging personal development seminars offered yearly on topics surrounding the body, mind and soul; we strive to push all of our members to reach their greatest potential. In addition to personal growth, Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity provides opportunities for members to engage their community through service projects, mentoring and fundraising for chosen causes. We are an organization that does not discriminate against race, color or religion of our members. We believe that through unity, there is certain victory.

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