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Celebrating 10 Years!

A Letter from our Founder and President

Dear Studsmen,

I've had the pleasure of seeing Kappa Psi Theta Fraternity grow and mature over the past ten years and it has also deeply shaped me. Through celebration, laughter, and tears, I've witnessed how each member has uniquely driven the path of our organization and continue to do so today.

As we continue to move forward in the years to come and expand the organization's foot print both geographically and socially, I employer all members to take a moment and realize that we are all of one blood. This fraternity wouldn't be anything if it were not for you.


Lauren "Elle" Smith

Founder and President

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1 Comment

Studman Blue Flame
Studman Blue Flame
Jan 28, 2023

Much love and appreciation to you for creating this organization for us 💙🔥

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